Tomorrow January 6th

Western Christianity celebrates tomorrow January 6th, the Epiphany. The day immediately following the twelve days of Christmas, particularly in the Spanish-speaking parts of the world.

In Spanish-speaking areas, the “Three Wise Men” (Spanish “los Reyes Magos de Oriente”, also “Los Tres Reyes Magos” and “Los Reyes Magos”) receive wish letters from children and magically bring them gifts on the night before Epiphany. In Spain, each one of the Kings is supposed to represent one different continent, Europe (Caspar), Asia (Melchior) and Africa (Balthasar).
According to the tradition, the Kings come from the Orient on their camels to visit the houses of all the children; much like Santa Claus with his reindeer, they visit everyone in one night. In some areas, children prepare a drink for each of the Kings, it is also traditional to prepare food and drink for the camels, because this is the only night of the year when they eat.
In Spain there is a long tradition for having the children receive their Christmas presents by the three “Kings”, (the figure of Santa Claus only appeared in recent years) during the night of January 5th (Biblical Kings Eve).
Almost every Spanish city or town organize cabalgatas in the evening, in which the kings and their servants parade and throw sweets to the children (and parents) in attendance. The cavalcade of the three kings in Alcoy claims to be the oldest in the world, having started in 1886.
I took all above from Wikipedia and I must prepare now to take my grandchildren to the “Cabalgata” in Madrid. I’m sure they won’t sleep tonight.
Happy Epiphany to you all.

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