2010 Global Reading Challenge – Progress

So far I have read five out of fourteen novels:
1) Michael Stanley – A Carrion Death (Botswana)
2) Mehmet Murat Somer – The Gigolo Murder (Turkey) Current reading
3) Peter Temple – Dead Point (Australia)
4) Alicia Gimenez Bartlett – Death Rites (Spain)
North America:
5) Leonardo Padura – Havana Gold (Cuba)
South America:
6) Santiago Roncagliolo – Red April (Peru)
At this point I am going for the expert level and my choices so far are:
7) Margie Orford – Like Clockwork (South Africa)
8) Barbara Nadel – Belshazzar’s Dauther (Turkey again)
9) ????
10) Karin Fossum – Don’t Look Back ( Norway)
North America
11) Laura Lippman – What the Dead Know (USA)
South America
12) ????
13) ????
14) ????
I just realized that I have Turkey twice on my list therefore I have penalized myself and I will read another two books covering Asia.
I have restricted myself to crime fiction books (available in English) only and for the second round of continets I have also restricted myself to female crime writers only.

One thought on “2010 Global Reading Challenge – Progress”

  1. >What a great list! I am also considering Margie Orford, but the one titled Blood Rose so I can also use it for my other challenge, What´s in a Name.

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