Próximas novedades

En España saldrán próximante a la venta:

La estrategia del agua de Lorenzo Silva
Cuestión de fe (A Question of Belief) de Donna Leon
El blanco movil (The Moving Target) de Ross Macdonald
Las viudas de los jueves ( Thursday Night Widows) de Claudia Piñeiro

Y entra las novedades de bolsillo se podrán encontrar:

No hay que morir dos veces de Francisco González Ledesma
Pasado perfecto (Havana Blue) de Leonardo Padura

>James Thompson – Snow Angels

>Has it ever happen to you before that you have been chosen by a book in stead of the other way around?
It has happened to me in some rare occasions.
Recently I’ve been chosen by Snow Angels.
During the last months every time I’ve search the Internet there was a review of Snow Angels and therefore I’ve been chosen by this book and the book itself has found its way into my TBR list.

Snow Angels by James Thompson.

Although Finland has a population of only five and a half million, its rate of violent crime rivals that of most American cities. Perhaps it’s the long, dark, frigid days that spawn depression, suicide, and murder.

Now the police inspector in a small town in rural Finland, faced with the murder of a black actress, is determined to solve the crime without big city help, and to keep the potentially explosive case out of the national news.

Through the eyes of Inspector Kari Vaara and his American-born wife, who is struggling to come to terms with her new home, James Thompson explores the culture and psyche of a people living at the edge of the Arctic Circle.

James Thompson is an American who has lived in Finland for many years. SNOW ANGELS was published first by Finland’s WSOY.

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Lorenzo Silva, and his Vila-Chamorro series

Since I’m currently reading Lorenzo Silva’s La reina sin espejo, which is not available in English yet, you can find more information about Silva’s novels on his web site, click here.

Lorenzo Silva (Madrid 1966) is a Spanish writer recognised primarily for his novels featuring Guardia Civil agents Bevilacqua (Vila) and Chamorro.
His Vila-Chamorro series include:
El lejano país de los estanques (1998).
El alquimista impaciente (2000).
La niebla y la doncella (2002).
Nadie vale más que otro (short stories) (2004).
La reina sin espejo (2005)
La estrategia del agua (March 4, 2010)

In La reina sin espejo (The Queen without Mirror), loosely structured on Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There,Neus Barutell, a Barcelona journalist, has been murdered by someone who did not like her over-the-top investigative reporting that jeopardized one of Barcelona’s most lucrative industries, the sexploitation of underage girls from the former Soviet bloc.

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