Lorenzo Silva, and his Vila-Chamorro series

Since I’m currently reading Lorenzo Silva’s La reina sin espejo, which is not available in English yet, you can find more information about Silva’s novels on his web site, click here.

Lorenzo Silva (Madrid 1966) is a Spanish writer recognised primarily for his novels featuring Guardia Civil agents Bevilacqua (Vila) and Chamorro.
His Vila-Chamorro series include:
El lejano país de los estanques (1998).
El alquimista impaciente (2000).
La niebla y la doncella (2002).
Nadie vale más que otro (short stories) (2004).
La reina sin espejo (2005)
La estrategia del agua (March 4, 2010)

In La reina sin espejo (The Queen without Mirror), loosely structured on Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There,Neus Barutell, a Barcelona journalist, has been murdered by someone who did not like her over-the-top investigative reporting that jeopardized one of Barcelona’s most lucrative industries, the sexploitation of underage girls from the former Soviet bloc.

4 thoughts on “Lorenzo Silva, and his Vila-Chamorro series”

  1. Casualidades. Estoy leyendo también (de hecho espero acabarla hoy), “La reina sin espejo”, y terminar así el ciclo de Vila y Chamorro. Me parece muy buena, igual que el resto de la serie.


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