>World’s Favorite Detective

>Jennifer Forbus will be hosting the “Detectives Around the World” theme week in April. One element of this theme week is going to be a tournament for the “World’s Favorite Detective“. Beginning this week and ending February 28th, you can nominate your favorite detectives. There is no limit to the number of detectives you can nominate.

To participate just enter your favorite detectives and their authors in the form that can be found in her blog Jen’s Book Thoughts. You can enter as many as you’d like.

Just note that a detective, for these purposes, is a character who is a police detective, a sheriff, an FBI agent or a licensed P.I. So, essentially, no spies or amateur sleuths for this tourney. The detectives can be male or female and reside anywhere in the world.

My favorites so far: Pepe Carvalho, Mario Conde, Jean-Baptiste Adamsberg, Harry Bosch, Harry Hole, Philip Marlowe and Adam Dalgliesh.

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