Six Latin American Detective Stories

There is an interesting page (in Spanish) about 6 Latin America detective stories here

The six novels are:

• Los siete hijos de Simenon (2000) by Ramón Díaz Eterovic (Chile)
• El hombre de Montserrat (1994) by Dante Liano (Guatemala)
• Plata quemada (1996) Money to Burn by Ricardo Piglia (Argentina)
• Managua, Salsa City (1999) by Franz Galich (Guatemala)
Pasado Perfecto (1991)(Havana Blue) by Leonardo Padura (Cuba)
Muertos incómodos (2005?) (The Unconfortable Dead) by Pago Ignacio Taibo II together with Subcomandante Marcos (Mexico)

To my knowledge only Padura and Taibo have been translated.
P/D I just found Piglia’s book is also available in English.

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