MVM – The Angst-Ridden Executive (Original title La soledad del manager)

The second installment of Carvalho’s series is set in 1977. It opens when Antonio Jauma, an old acquaintance, dies trying to get in touch with Carvalho. When Jauma’s body is found, the police see it as an open and shut case, and put it down to a pimp getting his own back. But Jauma’s widow believes that her husband’s death is not what it seems and she asks private eye Pepe Carvalho to investigate the case and his search unearths a far more sinister motive for the murder of this high-flying executive.

Manuel Vazquez Montalban (Barcelona 1939) became an underground activist when he was a 20 year old student. Arrested in 1962, he spent 18 months in jail. Throughout his successful literary career he remained faithful to the PSUC, the Catalan Communist Party, which he joined while in prison. Montalban is most famous outside Spain for his Carvalho series. Under the guise of a detective procedural this series is the chronicle of the Spanish transition from dictatorship to parliamentary government until Montalban’s death in 2003.

The Angst-Ridden Executive
International Noir Fiction

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