Saturday Film Noir: The Lady from Shanghai

The Lady from Shanghai is a 1947 film noir directed by Orson Welles and starring Welles, his then-wife Rita Hayworth, and Everett Sloane. It is based on the novel If I Die Before I Wake by Sherwood King. The Lady from Shanghai was filmed in late 1946, finished in early 1947, and released in the U.S. on June 9, 1948. Release was delayed due to heavy editing by Cohn’s assistants at Columbia, who insisted on cutting about an hour from Welles’ final cut.
Orson Welles’ decision to have Rita Hayworth cut her hair and bleach it caused a storm of controversy, and many in Hollywood believed it contributed to the film’s poor box-office returns.
In Spain and Argentina was released as La dama de Shanghai.

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