>An Education (2009)


education Director: Lone Scherfig

Screenplay: Nick Hornby based on an autobiographical essay by Lynn Barber.

Cast: Peter Sarsgaard, Carey Mulligan, Alfred Molina, Dominic Cooper, Rosamund Pike, Olivia Williams, Emma Thompson, Cara Seymour, Matthew Beard, Sally Hawkins

Synopsis: Jenny (Carey Mulligan) a very bright girl on the cusp of her 17th birthday, finds herself in a whirlwind romance with the much older David ( Peter Sarsgaard). Prior to meeting him, Jenny was working hard at secondary school to ensure getting to Oxford University. When she sees the lifestyle David can provide, one she never imagined could be hers, she’s hooked and thoughts of Oxford are forgotten. Then, when things are looking pretty good for Jenny with the dashing (yet a little too smooth) David, the truth hits her like a ton of bricks. Jenny goes from being a bright eyed school girl and a sophisticated young lady, all the way back to questioning if she really knows who she is at all. ‘An Education’ won the Audience Choice award and the Cinematography award at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival.

Comments: Begoña and I went to see this film last Saturday March 10. It was released in Spain last February 26 and I was not aware that it was directed by Lone Scherfig of which I have enjoyed two previous films: Italian for Beginners and Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself. Although the film doesn’t tell much besides what it is mentioned in the synopsis, it has the ability to hook you from the very beginning due to well developed characters and great performances, particularly Carey Mulligan and Alfred Molina. I did enjoy it.

My rating: 6/10


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4 thoughts on “>An Education (2009)”

  1. >Jose – Thanks for this film review. I have heard other good reports of this movie, and your review makes it even more appealing! I'm going to have to try to see this one.

  2. >I think I have only been to the cinema twice this year and it was to see the same film both times – The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (which is very good indeed)! I have heard good things about this film, so although I am not too keen on the basic theme, I may well see it – possibly when it is on DVD rather than at the cinema, though.

  3. >Por desgracia no puedo leer correctamente el inglés pero como veo el cartel y el titulo, es una película que a mí me encantó. Quiero comprar el disco de la música.Abrazos muchos.

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