>Blog Problems

>I have been experiencing some problems with my blog and I was told to remove all my gadgets.
If the problem is soon solved I would add some of my previous gadgets. I hope this would solve them. Craig, thanks for pointing this situation to me first and for bringing a possible solution. Hope It will work.

5 thoughts on “>Blog Problems”

  1. >Por si te sirve de ayuda, a veces al entrar en tu blog, se me quedaba colgado o tardaba mucho en cargarse la página. Siempre saltaba publicidad a página completa. Probablemente era un gadget como te indican.

  2. >While you are in a "renovating mood" Jose, I would limit the number of posts showing on one page to say a week. – that will make the page quicker to load.

  3. >Hey thanks, Jose Ignacio, I did not get the pop-up this time.You could try adding back your gadgets one at a time to find the culprit.I don't think the number of posts on the page should have any effect on upload/download speeds, it is all the widget/gadgets in the side windows of various blogs or websites that take the time to load,not text (in my experience anyway). of course if you insert many videos and very large image files into your posts this may affect speeds but you don't (compared with some blogs!) so I think you should be fine. I never have any problem with load speeds here, just that pop-up.

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