2010 Hammett de Novela Negra Book Award

sn2010-01mini This year shortlist for the Hammett de Novela Negra Book Award to the best crime fiction novel published originally in Spanish (Castilian) during 2009 was published yesterday. The nominees are:

Guillermo Orsi (Argentina): Ciudad santa (Almuzara)

Carlos Salem (Argentina): Pero sigo siendo el rey (Salto de página)

Eduardo Monteverde (México): Carroña´s Hotel (Editorial B, México)

Mario Mendoza (Colombia): Buda Blues (Planeta Colombia)

Carlos Bardem (España): Alacrán enamorado (Plaza & Janés)

Cristina Fallarás (España): Así murió el poeta Guadalupe (Alianza)

This award is given by the International Association of Crime Fiction Writers (Asociación Internacional de Escritores Policíacos) and has no economic retribution. The winner will be announced during the Semana Negra 2010 Festival in Gijon. Here is the list of previous winners (from 1988 to 2008). In 2009 the Award was given jointly to Niños de tiza by David Torres (Spain) and 77 by Guillermo Saccommano (Argentina).

It is interesting to note that the Spanish terms novela negra, novela policíaca, novela policial and novela criminal are often used interchangeably meaning crime fiction in all cases. Also note that the Spanish term novela is not the equivalent for novella.

I’m ashamed for not having read any of this books. A possible explanation is the price of books in Spain. I would have to expend over 100,00 €, to buy them all. Average price 18,63 €, with a price range between 16,00 € and 21,95 €. Outrageous. I will see if I can find any in a local library and get a flavour of the current state of crime fiction in Spanish speaking countries.

Trivia: Carlos Bardem is the brother of Javier Bardem.

3 thoughts on “2010 Hammett de Novela Negra Book Award”

  1. >Books are really expensive to buy here too Jose Ignacio – the average price is about $36AUD which is equivalent to around 25 Euros. I can order books from Book Depository in the UK for around one third of the price – so I do that instead but what that means is that I don't read that many Australian authors because I'm not prepared to pay the ridiculous local prices

  2. >That's also the reason why I don't read many new Spanish authors. I have to wait until their books can be found in secondhand bookshops or in paperbak format which usually takes about a year if they are published in that format.

  3. >Jose Ignacio – Thanks for this list. Books can be very expensive here in the U.S., too, especially hardback books. I make liberal use of our local libraries, and haunt shops that have used books, etc.. That means, though, that I often have to wait a bit when new books come out until I can read them.

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