Visit to Madrid 2010 Book Fair

VPR 309 I restrained myself yesterday during my first visit to the 2010 Madrid Book Fair and I only bought three books taking advantage of the traditional 10% discount that you can get there. My criteria was to buy books either written originally in Spanish or recently translated from a language I cannot read fluently, particularly if they are not available cheaper in English via an on-line bookshop. My intention was also to buy books priced over and above 16.00 €, to take full advantage of the discount given. The result can be found in the enclosed picture:

La playa de los ahogados by Domingo Villar (Siruela, 2009) 19.90 €. Featuring Inspector Leo Caldas. You can find here the excellent review of Maxine at Petrona of Water-blue Eyes, Leo Caldas # 1.

Calle de la Estación, 120 by Léo Malet (Asteroide, 2010) 16.95 €. Original title 120, rue de la Gare (1943). The English translation is out of print as far as I know. Léo Malet at Wikipedia.

Muerte y un poco de amor by Alexandra Marinina (Pamies, 2010) 19.95 €. Alexandra Marinina at Wikipedia. Pen-name of Marina Anatolyevna Alekseyeva. She has written over 30 novels, published in over 17 million copies and translated into over 20 languages. (The only English translation presently available is of her Confluence of Circumstances, which was published in Soviet & Post-Soviet Review, Vol. 29, 2002.)

With over 50 books on my TBR pile and above 100 in my wish list I will refrain from buying more books, at least for a couple of days.

Special thanks to Alice Silver at Mis detectives favorit@s. A real fan of Domingo Villar and Alexandra Marinina.  Her latest post: Otros lugares, otros sonidos, otras miradas. Escribir fuera de Madrid o Barcelona, is very interesting.

Madrid 2010 Book Fair Official Site

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