>Just trying to keep myself organised


I’ve just finished reading In Cold Pursuit by Sarah Andrews, my fourteenth book for the 2010 Global Reading Challenge and I’m currently reading Johan Theorin’s The Darkest Room my fifth book for the 2010 Scandinavian Reading Challenge. I’m also planning to read this month Jo Nesbo’s Nemesis to complete the six books for this Challenge and Alvtegen’s Missing. I’ll follow with Indridason’s Hypothermia and Meyer’s Thirteen Hours to cover the CWA International Dagger Shortlist. I’ll show my reading schedule in my side bar as Currently Reading. I should be done by July 11th, stay tune. 

6 thoughts on “>Just trying to keep myself organised”

  1. >You are doing well with the various challenges Jose. I'm going to read Hypothermia some time aoon too. Good luck with "better" organisation!

  2. >Kerrie, I still have to learn much more form you about getting well organised. Thanks.Bernadette, You cover much more activities than I do and you are far ahead from me on all your readings.

  3. >Jose Ignacio – I really am impressed with the reading you've done so far. I like the idea of that sidebar, too. It's always nice to learn what others are reading.

  4. >Indeed, this is a really impressive collection, Jose Ignacio. All I can say is that, having read all these books except the first, I think you are in for a good time! Good luck. I look forward to your reviews when you have read these books as I always like to read reviews of books I have read myself, to "compare notes".

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