Small world

This is one of the most curious things that have ever happen to me while blogging. Yesterday I wrote a comment at Crime Scraps :

“Norman I’m still looking for a copy in Spanish which seems difficult to find. I’m still more interest in this book.”

Today Ernesto Mallo has send me the following e-mail:

“Estimado José,

Ví que está interesado en mi novela.

Le paso este dato donde muy probablemente la pueda conseguir.

En Madrid, la librería Estudio en Escarlata, GUZMÁN EL BUENO, 46 (Esq. Fdez. de los Ríos) 28015 MADRID HORARIO: Lunes a Sábados de 10:00 a 14:30 y de 17:00 a 20:30. 915 430 534

En Barcelona Librería Negra y Criminal, Calle de la sal, 5. Telf. (+34) 932 955 922

Allí es posible que encuentre la novela publicada en Argentina.

De lo contrario, en febrero de 2011, saldrá en España editada por Siruela.


Ernesto Mallo”

Free translation: I saw your interest in my novel. You may find it in this bookshops: Madrid Librería Estudio en Escarlata, Barcelona Librería Negra y Criminal. Probably you can find there the book published in Argentina. Otherwise it will be published in Spain by Siruela in February 2011.

Small world.

Gracias Ernesto.

3 thoughts on “Small world”

  1. >What a great experience! I have also been overwhelmed several times by the great experiences blogging gives you. It makes the world smaller and gives you quite unexpected pleasures.

  2. >That is so nice, Jose Ignacio! I wish such a thing would happen to me when I leave a message about wishing for an English subtitled version of that Rekjyavik noir DVD you reviewed recently 😉

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