Best Crime Fiction so far 2010

best_reads 2010 Kerrie at Mysteries in Paradise asks: What are the best crime fiction books (5-10 books) you’ve read in the first 6 months of this year? They can be published in any year.

My best reads so far this year in no particular order:
– THE DARKEST ROOM by Johan Theorin
– NEMESIS by Jo Nesbo
– THE MIND’S EYE by Hakan Nesser
– SILENCE OF THE GRAVE by Arnaldur Indridason
– THE SAVAGE ALTAR (aka Sun Storm) by Asa Larsson
– DEAD POINT by Peter Temple
– DEATH RITES by Alicia Giménez-Bartlett
– HAVANA GOLD by Leonardo Padura
– WATER-BLUE EYES by Domingo Villar

If you would like to participate just drop a comment at Kerrie’s site here.

5 thoughts on “Best Crime Fiction so far 2010”

  1. >I've read eight of these ten, Jose Igacio, and like you I enjoyed them all very much indeed. Great choices. I will obviously have to read the other two, now!

  2. >I've only read 3 of these (Darkest Room, Mind's Eye and Savage Alter) but loved them all so I'm sure the rest of your list is good as well as you obviously have excellent taste. I do have Water Blue Eyes on the TBR pile and want to get to it soon.

  3. I’ve read 8 of your 10 and agree with your judgement on their merit 😉
    I’ve just finished Nesbo’s standalone, Headhunters, and highly recommend it – short, exciting, twisty/turny, funny, a bit extreme – and written in first person so a bit different for Nesbo fans, but you still have to concentrate on every sentence in case you miss a vital clue!

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