>The 2010 CWA International Dagger: shortlist


ID 2010 Back at home, I’ve managed to finish reading all the books in The 2010 CWA International Dagger: shortlist. Just in time before the announcement, next week, of the winner. Pity that there will only be one winner. More than one of these books could or would have been easily the winner in any other CWA International Dagger Award’s edition.

I’m not able to come up with a single favourite, honestly. My preferences goes to Hypothermia, The Darkest Room and Thirteen Hours. But I would lie if I do not praise the merits of the other three: Badfellas, August Heat and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest. Maybe, just maybe, there is some intention in this particular order.

Anyhow I did enjoyed very much reading all of them, it was a wonderful experience. It can only be compare to Spain winning the 2010 World Football Championship, in my opinion.

You can also check on this same subject, the Dagger not the Football Championship, the following blogs: Petrona, Crime Scraps, Reactions to Reading, Mysteries in Paradise. Vote, if you’ve not yet done so, at Euro Crime. And read them during this summer, great stuff.

6 thoughts on “>The 2010 CWA International Dagger: shortlist”

  1. >I thought you would be celebrating the football win Jose Ignacio and who could blame you.I agree it is a shame there can only be one winner of the Dagger – though at least we are all talking about all the books so they're all getting some attention (and I bought them all because they were on the shortlist – surely that helps the authors out a little bit)

  2. >Welcome back, Jose Ignacio. I think you are very clever, suggesting six favourites – I am pretty sure that one of your suggestions will win ;-)And, congratulations on the football. I did not watch the match but from where I was sitting I could hear all down the street and further, all the shouts and ups and downs as the game went on. You must be so pleased. I even hear Torres came on. (I don't know anything about football but his name is mentioned a lot in this house which makes me think he must play for Liverpool.)

  3. >Maxine I will be very disappointed if none of my first three picks do not win. And you are right Torres plays in the Spanishpool, as they often call the Liverpool in Spain although now that Benitez (the coach)is gone, things will probably change.

  4. >Hi Jose Ignacio,and if you (or any others reading this) use Twitter: I am the CWA's webmaster and we intend to launch a new website next Friday. If you want to comment on the winner, then use the hashtag #thedaggers and it will appear on the website.

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