There is work ahead to do

Once the 2010 International Dagger Award has been announced I look forward to the 2011 International Dagger Award. You can check at Euro Crime here the list, so far, of translated crime novels published between June 2010 and May 2011 ie the period of eligibility.

I have only read one, Mankell’s The Troubled Man (El hombre inquieto) in Spanish – you can check my post here, but I have just started to read Villar’s Death on a Galician Shore (La playa de los ahogados) and I’ve Markaris’ Basic Shareholder (El accionista mayoritario) as my third European book on Dorte’s 2010 Global Reading Challenge. I do not plan to read them all, but there are very interesting titles just to keep me going. There is work ahead to do.

5 thoughts on “There is work ahead to do”

  1. >Jose Ignacio – That's one thing I love about reading. There are always new things to read, so yes, it's a never-ending task, but it's such a wonderful process of discovery. Adelante! 🙂

  2. >I really admire your zeal when it comes to reading tasks. I must admit I don´t plan much ahead right now, I just pick any book on my shelf that grabs my attention.

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