A Short Cut to Paradise by Teresa Solana

Original title: Drecera al paradís. Translated by Peter Bush. Bitter Lemon Press (10 Feb. 2011) This title has not been released yet but it is available for pre-order at Amazon UK.

The blurb reads: Marina Dolç, media figure and writer of bestsellers, is murdered in at the Ritz in Barcelona on the night she wins an important literary prize. The killer has battered her to death with the trophy she has just won. The detective twins Borja and Eduard are plunged into the murky waters of the bookish Barcelona scene and need all their wit and skills of improvisation to solve this case of truncated literary lives.
As in A Not So Perfect Crime, Teresa Solana combines humour and roman noir in a critical portrait of contemporary society, in this case with writers as the protagonists. The murder trail leads to the most unlikely places in hilarious scenes worthy of Tom Sharpe, whether in the sausage-making town of Vic, the packed cells of the notorious Modelo prison, or a literary party where guests get high on loaded canapés.
(Fantastic Fiction)

Teresa Solana was born in Barcelona in 1962. She has a degree in Philosophy from the University of Barcelona where she also studied Classical Philology. She is a literary translator and author of articles and essays about translation and has directed the Translators’ House in Tarazona. An Imperfect Crime ( Un crim imperfecte. Edicions 62, 2006) is her first book. With this generic novel she has begun a series centred around two very different twins who team up to create a curious consulting company and end up becoming detectives. Short Cut to Paradise (Drecera al paradís. Edicions 62, 2007), the second novel of the series, builds a caustic and amusing satire about writers and the literary world. Her latest book Negres Tempestes won this year the Crims de Tinta Award.

A Not So Perfect Crime has been reviewed at: Euro Crime (minor spoiler alert though), Reviewing the Evidence, The Complete Review, Reactions to Reading.

My apologize for not having read these books, but I thought that the information above is worthwhile.

One thought on “A Short Cut to Paradise by Teresa Solana”

  1. >Jose Ignacio – Solana's work sounds really intriguing. I really like the idea of those two so very different twins working on cases. I'm going to have to get and read some of her stuff. Thanks for reminding me of that.

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