Of Books and Bookshops

TBR-2 022 Estudio en Escarlata is a bookshop in Madrid which is always worthwhile a visit. I went today with my book list. I make lists after having bought several times a book that I already had.

My intention was to buy mainly books in Spanish from Spanish and Latin-American authors. Unfortunately (or fortunately) Guillermo Orsi’s Ciudad Santa (Holy City) and Nadie ama a un policía (No-One Loves a Policeman) were sold out. And it was not worth to order them; most business are closed in Spain during August and publishers won’t send them before September.  The same thing happened with Teresa Solana’s Atajo al Paraíso (A short Cut to Paradise). However I did manage to buy the three books in the photo; the three well below the 300 page benchmark.

3 thoughts on “Of Books and Bookshops”

  1. >An Imperfect Crime? (I like when I recognize a few Spanish words). I know how useful a list is when you go book shopping, but at least I have not bought the same book THREE times yet (like my husband did).PS: the word verification is really funny: sokedwit (soaked wit)

  2. >I have only bought the same book 2 times – but I did it with several different books before making lists like youI really liked the Teresa Solana book (I am assuming it is the same as A Not So Perfect Crime which I read a couple of months ago). I've pre-ordered her next book to be translated into English.

  3. >Dorte, I'm not surprise yoy can recognise most words, Spanish is very easy. And soaked wit is really funny.Bernadette, certainly your review did encourage me to buy this book, A Not So Perfect Crime (Un crimen imperfecto).

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