>Premios Brigada 21 Shortlist


To give you a flavour of what was published in Spain last year you can find below the shortlist for this year Premios Brigada 21. Just want to highlight two categories:

Best crime fiction novel published in 2009 in Spanish (Castilian)

No hay que morir dos veces, Francisco González Ledesma, Planeta

Perro vagabundo busca a quien morder, Julián Ibáñez, Alreves

El baile ha terminado, Julián Ibáñez, Roca

Ciudad Santa, Guillermo Orsi, Almuzara

La playa de los ahogados, Domingo Villar, Siruela

I’ve only two in my to-read pile (Domingo Villar and Francisco González Ledesma) and one (Guillermo Orsi) in my wish list.

Best crime novel published in 2009 (translated)

El hombre inquieto, (The Troubled Man), Henning Mankell, Tusquets

Conexión Lorena, (Lorraine Connection), Dominique Manotti, Alba

Nemesis, Jo Nesbo, RBA

El Poder del perro (The Power of the Dog), Don Winslow, Mondadori

Ardores de Agosto (August Heat), Andrea Camilleri, Salamandra

I’ve read three (Camilleri, Mankell, Nesbo) of them and have the other two (Manotti and Winslow) in my to-read pile.


Finalistas Premios Brigada 21

Novel.la en català editada en 2009

Mateu al president. Bennassar, Sebastià (Cossetania)

Emulsió de ferro. Jovani, Sebastià (La Magrana)

Mans lliures. Manuel, Jordi de (Edicions 62)

Sang culé. Pijoan, Jordi (Llibres de l’Índex)

La Solitud de Patricia. Quilez, Carles (La Magrana)

Novel.la traduïda al català editada en 2009
La dona de verd. Indridason, Arnaldur (La Magrana)
L’home inquiet. Mankell, Henning (Tusquets)
Mort a Estanbul. Markaris, Petros (Tusquets)
Nèmesi. Nesbo, Jo (Proa)
Un lloc incert. Vargas, Fred (Amsterdam)

Primera Novela en castellano editada en 2009
Tiempo de alacranes. BEF (Pàmies)
La sopa de Dios. Casamayor, Gregorio (El Acantilado)
Benegas. Jurado, Francisco José (Almuzara)
Siete maneras de matar un gato. Néspolo, Matías (Libros del Lince)
Tarde, mal y nunca. Zanon, Carlos (Saymon)

Mejor Novela en castellano editada en 2009
No hay que morir dos veces. González Ledesma, Francisco (Planeta)
Perro vagabundo busca a quien morder. Ibañez, Julián (Alrevés)
El baile ha terminado. Ibáñez, Julián (Roca)
Ciudad Santa. Orsi, Guillermo (Almuzara)
La playa de los ahogados. Villar, Domingo (Siruela)

Mejor novela traducida al castellano editada en 2009
El hombre inquieto. Mankell, Henning (Tusquets)
Conexión Lorena. Manotti, Dominique (Alba)
Némesis. Nesbo, Jo (RBA)
El poder del perro. Winslow, Don (Mondadori)
Ardores de agosto. Camilleri, Andrea (Salamandra)

Premi Florenci Clavé a la mejor portada editada en 2009
Tiempo de alacranes. BEF (Pàmies)
Los espias de Varsovia. Furst, Alan (Seix Barral)
Trago amargo. Haggenbeck, F.G (Roca)
Cuentos completos. Madrid, Juan (Ediciones B)
Los demonios de Berlín. Valle, Ignacio del (Alfaguara)

Crime Fiction takes you travelling

As Kerrie put it: The crime fiction titles that I have read and reviewed in the first half of 2010 have taken me on a virtual world journey.

create your own visited country map
or write about it on the open travel guide

>A Satisfied and Grateful Customer


The bare facts:

On Monday June 7th via Amazon UK I ordered 1 copy of  “The Murder of Roger Ackroyd" by Agatha Christie. Their confirmation read: Delivery estimate: 14 Jun 2010 – 23 Jun 2010, Dispatch estimate for these items: 8 Jun 2010 – 9 Jun 2010, sold by: smeikalbooks.

On Tuesday, June 29th since I had not received it yet I informed Amazon UK accordingly. On the very same day their response was: Quote “We are writing to confirm that we have processed your refund in the amount of ……for your Order ……….from smeikalbooks” Unquote. Unfortunately they had no other copy left.

On Thursday, July 1st the book finally arrived and I wrote to Amazon UK in this sense. Their response was: Quote I am extremely glad to hear that book finally arrived. You do not need to do anything. This one will be free. Kind regards. Unquote.

Best Crime Fiction so far 2010

best_reads 2010 Kerrie at Mysteries in Paradise asks: What are the best crime fiction books (5-10 books) you’ve read in the first 6 months of this year? They can be published in any year.

My best reads so far this year in no particular order:
– THE DARKEST ROOM by Johan Theorin
– NEMESIS by Jo Nesbo
– THE MIND’S EYE by Hakan Nesser
– SILENCE OF THE GRAVE by Arnaldur Indridason
– THE SAVAGE ALTAR (aka Sun Storm) by Asa Larsson
– DEAD POINT by Peter Temple
– DEATH RITES by Alicia Giménez-Bartlett
– HAVANA GOLD by Leonardo Padura
– WATER-BLUE EYES by Domingo Villar

If you would like to participate just drop a comment at Kerrie’s site here.

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