Lake District Mysteries Series by Martin Edwards

I always like gathering as much information as possible about the books I’m reading. I guess this is a way, for me, to enhance the pleasure. I’m currently reading The Coffin Trail, the first novel in the Lake District Mysteries series. Thanks to the Internet there is enough information available at our fingertips.

So far there are four books, The Coffin Trail (2004), The Cipher Garden (2006), The Arsenic Labyrinth (2007) and The Serpent Pool (2010). The series is written by Martin Edwards, featuring DCI Hannah Scarlett and the historian Daniel Kind. Obviously the books are set in England’s largest National Park, the Lake District, Cumbria. There is an interesting introduction to the series at Martin Edwards’ Website HERE.

For additional information you can read an interview with Martin Edwards at Crime Watch and at Scene of the Crime. And visit ‘Do You Write Under Your Own Name?‘ Martin Edwards’ Crime Writing Blog.

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