Forgotten Books: Man on Pink Corner by Jorge Luis Borges

Universal History of IniquityA contribution to Patti Abbott Friday’s Forgotten Books  

Man on Pink Corner is a short story by Argentinean writer Jorge Luis Borges (Buenos Aires, 24 of August of 1899 – Geneva, 14 of June of 1986). Borges was one of the greatest Spanish speaking writers of the last century. It was published several times before the final version appeared in a collection of short stories A Universal History of Infamy in 1935 and later published as A Universal History of Iniquity. Man on Pink Corner is dedicated to the Uruguayan writer, poet and journalist Enrique Amorim. The plot is simple and straightforward. The local bully is challenged by a stranger in a brothel. He rejects the fight and runs away. The stranger walks off with the woman but he is then mysteriously stabbed to death.

Caravana de Lecturas points out that the language employed by Borges in this short story is notable for its brothel-like vocabulary and insistent use of lunfardo (Buenos Aires slang)–an intent to reflect the speech of the porteños in the vernacular of the time. Follow his suggestion sit back and enjoy this story.

A Universal History of Infamy at Wikipedia

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A Universal History of Iniquity (Penguin Modern Classics) at Amazon UK.

I’ve just realised that Todd Mason already wrote about El hombre de la esquina rosada on Friday’s Forgotten Books HERE.

5 thoughts on “Forgotten Books: Man on Pink Corner by Jorge Luis Borges”

  1. >Borges's own translation (with Norman Thomas di Giovanni) of "El hombre de las esquinas rosadas" was published as "Streetcorner Man" in THE ALEPH AND OTHER STORIES: 1933-1969 (Dutton)…the preferred English text, at least by me!

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