Crime Fiction Books New Releases in Spain, September 2010

TBR-2 Among the new releases in Spain this September I find the following titles most interesting:

Murder at the Savoy (Asesinato en el Savoy) by Per Wahloo and Maj Sjowall, the sixth in the Martin Beck series. Having read the first five books I cannot miss  it.

The Devil’s Star (La estrella del diablo) by Jo Nesbo, the third in the Oslo trilogy. I won’t miss it either, although I will read it in English.

Blanco nocturno by Ricardo Piglia, this is Piglia’s latest book, but I still have Plata Quemada (Money to Burn) in my TBR pile.

The Winter of Frankie Machine (El invierno de Frankie Machine) by Don Winslow. I still have to read first The Power of the Dog (also in my TBR pile)

Our Kind of Traitor (Un traidor como los nuestros) by John Le Carre. I can’t  miss this one, in English, but I may wait for the paperback.

There are also a couple of Harlan Coben and one from Dennis Lehane, but I have not read any of their books yet.

Obviously due to my limitations I know I’m missing some other books, but I’m open to suggestions and I will follow closely what other blogs have to say.

6 thoughts on “Crime Fiction Books New Releases in Spain, September 2010”

  1. >I am sure you will enjoy Murder at the Savoy if you have liked their previous books, Jose Ignacio, as it is well up to standard for the series. I also predict that, if you have read The Redbreast and Nemesis, you will like The Devil's Star for the "closure" that it brings to one part of Harry's story. I have not read the other books you list, but look forward to reading about them when you have, and review them!

  2. >Una Estrella, por favor. A very useful phrase I learned in Barcelona – and an excellent crime novel, just like the one by Sjöwall and Wahlöö.

  3. >Maxine – I look forward to The Devil's Star after having read both The Redbreast and Nemesis. Dorte – Your Spanish is much better than my Danish, I can't order a Carlsberg properly. But I use to drink it in Malawi where they call it a green.

  4. >Creo que en cuanto los vea en las librerías, compraré urgentemente los libros de Nesbo y de Le Carré y los los pondré en la parte alta de mi pila TBR, que por cierto este verano ha crecido de nuevo. Y también me he enganchado este verano a la serie de Sjowall-Wahloo aunque de momento llevo los dos primeros así que el Savoy puede esperar. Saludos

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