Death and the Compass by Jorge Luis Borges

Fictions Death and the Compass is a short story by Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges. It’s  original title in Spanish is La muerte y la brújula,1942. In 1944 it was included in Borges’s collection of short stories, Ficciones (Fictions). Click HERE to look inside.

The story follows detective Erik Lönnrot in his attempt to solve a series of mysterious murders which seems to keep certain patterns. With tenacity Lönnrot deciphers the mystery and he discovers the place where the last murder will take place. At the exact day, he goes there to prevent the crime.

This is one of Borges’ greatest stories and one of my favourites. You can read it HERE translated into English. I hope you will like it, in which case you may also want to read the following information HERE.

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