>2010 A year in crime fiction


This post was intended as a personal reminder before the year ends but I thought it was a good idea to share it with you and ask for some advice. Besides the books I’ve read this year I’ll start to read immediately Gunshot Road and I have The Man from Beijing and The Snowman in my TBR shelves.

Looking back into what was published this year in the U. K. I found some titles that by no means I want to miss. Among the ones I have not read which are not yet in my TBR shelves I found the followings:

Truth by Peter Temple

Bad Intentions by Karin Fossum

Entanglement by Zygmunt Miloszewski

Blue Lightening by Ann Cleeves

And I’ll wait for the paperback edition in 2011

Trick of the Dark by Val McDermind (Paperback 17 Feb 2011)

The Inspector and Silence by Hakan Nesser (Paperback 1 Apr 2011)

The Serpent Pool by Martin Edwards (Paperback 10 Jan 2011)

The Reversal by Michael Connelly (There is no date available yet for the paperback edition)

Do you have any other suggestion that I may be missing? Your comments are welcome.

If you have not noticed it yet I’m a list-maniac.

9 thoughts on “>2010 A year in crime fiction”

  1. >Jose Ignacio, I think you have already read some of these, but here are the top ten books that I have read in 2010.The Arsenic Labyrinth: Martin EdwardsThe Snowman: Jo NesboHypothermia: Arnaldur IndridasonNeedle in a Haystack: Ernesto MalloThe Woman from Bratislava: Leif DavidsenTruth: Peter TempleBad Intentions: Karin FossumThirteen Hours: Deon MeyerBlue Rondo: John LawtonFive Little Pigs: Agatha ChristieBut I am about to start reading some very highly rated books over the next few weeks including Gunshot Road so this list might change a lot. Thanks for the information about The Serpent Pool coming out in PB.

  2. >Norman, thanks for your list. You are right I have already read Hypothermia, Needle in a Haystack and Thirteen Hours, but I will also add The Woman from Bratislava and Blue Rondo, although this was published in 2005/2006. The rest I have on my shelves still to read.And you are absolutely right this list can still change a lot before Jan 1st. But sounds as a good year.

  3. >Jose Ignacio – if you read those seven books next on your list, I think you are in for an enjoyable experience. If you enjoyed Steig Larsson's trilogy I think you would enjoy Three Seconds by Roslund/Hellstrom and Red Wolf by Liza Marklund (to be published soon in both cases, in English translation from the Swedish). If you have not read Liza Marklund before, I highly recommend Paradise, which is available in Paperback. If you have not read Karin Altvegen before, she is wonderful – Shadow and Missing are both superb. (Available in paperback).Marklund and Altvegen are two of my all-time favourite authors.I also love Arnaldur Indridason and Johan Theorin….and Deon Meyer….but I must not get too carried away by recommendations!

  4. >I think you've got some excellent ones there Jose Ignacio. I am behind in a few of those series so am playing catchup but have a few of the same titles on my TBR shelves. Looking at my own best reads of books published this year I would add perhaps a coupleSimon Lelic's A Thousand Cuts which is also known as Rupture in some countries. Belinda Bauer's Blacklands Both of these are great stories and have stayed with me because they're quite different to anything I've read beforeAnd yes I'd also recommend Truth though it is a very sad book so I would pick your time to read it.

  5. >Some nice books there on your list Jose. I'll try to flesh out some US/Canada choices for you. You could try adding any of the following: THE GLASS RAINBOW by James Lee Burke (or RAIN GODS by JLB – paperback of the 2009 novel)EVERY FEAR by Rick MofinaBLUE HEAVEN by CJ Box (this won the Edgar a couple of years ago, but has been released in NZ etc this year).

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