>Start Spreading the News


If you want to be part of the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge, it is never too late to start. You can now join the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge too, just click HERE.

Read at your own pace, write a review on your blog, go to the Carnival collecting space and put in the URL, your details, and a comment about the post. The October edition of the Carnival will be posted on October 23, so get your submissions in by October 22.

Don’t know where to start? May I suggest a visit to John Curran’s Top 10 AC titles, alternatively the top ten books at Agatha Christie Website. But if you have a different view and want to tell me your favourite titles please feel free to do so in a comment to this post. I would like to hear from you.

2 thoughts on “>Start Spreading the News”

  1. >I like that list by John Curran, Jose Igacio – if I read Christie again I shall certainly use that as one or two of them sound quite tempting. I have read most of her books if not all many years ago, and remember the plots of some of Curran's list, but not all. I particularly liked Endless Night so glad he picked that. I disagree on Orient Express though, what a ridiculous cheat ending!

  2. >I was also thinking to use Curran's list to brush up my AC readings. Glad for your tips about Endless Night and Orient Express. I would probably skip Orient Express too besides its 'ridiculous ending' we have seen it on tv too many times.

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