Up Helly Aa

I’m currently reading Ann Cleeves’ Raven Black and I have come across Up Helly Aa. You can find more information in Wikipedia HERE. Interesting enough there is at least one place that I know in Spain that celebrates a Viking Festival. This festival takes place in August. You can find more information about Catoira Viking Festival HERE, HERE and HERE, in Pontevedra, Galicia, Spain.

5 thoughts on “Up Helly Aa”

  1. >Vikings are everywhere – just like those supermarket trolleys! Up Helly Aa, Samhain etc are also aspects of Cleeves´ books that fascinate me.

  2. >José Ignacio – Thanks for sharing this. I have to confess I didn't know they celebrated Celtic traditions in Galicia. Not surprising, though, considering the traveling the Vikings did, and the location of Galicia. Interesting….

  3. >He tenido oportunidad de estar en esta fiesta tradicional gallega, es realmente un mundo diferente y lo hacen que auténtico fervor. Un saludo.

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