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Maxine blog post yesterday HERE, just remind me of the following titles coming up next year:

Death on a Galician Shore, Domingo Villar. The publisher blurb reads: One misty autumn morning in a quiet fishing port in northwest Spain, the body of a drowned sailor, his hands tied, washes up in the harbour. Detective Inspector Leo Caldas is called in from police headquarters in the nearby city of Vigo to sign off on what appears to be a suicide. But details soon come to light that turn this routine matter into a complex murder investigation. Finding out the truth is not easy when the villagers are so suspicious of outsiders and sparing with their words. As Caldas delves into the maritime life of the village, he uncovers a disturbing decade-old case of a shipwreck and two mysterious disappearances. Death on a Galician Shore is a chilling story of violence, blackmail and revenge… You can find my review HERE.

A Shortcut to Paradise, Teresa Solana. The publisher blurb reads: The shady, accident-prone private detective twins Eduard Martinez and Borja “Pep” Masdeu are back. Another murder beckons, and this time the victim is one of Barcelona’s literary glitterati. Marina Dolç, media figure and writer of best-sellers, is murdered in the Ritz Hotel in Barcelona on the night she wins an important literary prize. The killer has battered her to death with the trophy she has just won, an end identical to that of the heroine in her prize-winning novel. The same night the Catalan police arrest their chief suspect, Amadeu Cabestany, runner-up for the prize. Borja and Eduard are hired to prove his innocence. The unlikely duo is plunged into the murky waters of the Barcelona publishing scene and need all their wit and skills of improvisation to solve this case of truncated literary lives. Bitter Lemon Press.

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