Rafael Reig wins the sixth edition of the Premio Tusquets Editores de Novela

From Fox News Latino, La Prensa and The Complete Review

Spanish writer Rafael Reig won the sixth edition of the Tusquets Editores Novel Prize for his work Todo Esta Perdonado, the jury at the Guadalajara International Book Fair in this western Mexican city announced Tuesday.

In Todo Esta Perdonado (All Is Forgiven), Reig brings to life Laura Gamazo, daughter of a businessman who gets rich during the 1939-1975 Franco dictatorship, and who dies of poisoning on her wedding day. After her death, her father, Perico Gamazo, looks to a friend of the family who used to be a cop to clear up the case, and it is he who relates half a century of Spanish history with the families of both as the thread of the story.

Tusquets Editores (in Spanish)

Rafael Reig Wikipedia (in English)

Blog de Rafael Reig (in Spanish)

Guapa de cara (A Pretty Face) and Blood on the Saddle by Rafael Reig are both translated into English (Serpent’s Tail).

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