2011 Aussie Author Challenge


Hosted by Booklover Book Reviews, the 2011 Aussie Author Challenge rules are as follows:

Challenge period:  1 January 2011 -  31 December 2011
Objective: Read and review books written by Australian Authors – physical books, ebooks and audiobooks, fiction and non-fiction!
Challenge Levels: TOURIST or TRUE BLUE!
TOURIST – Read and review 3 books by 3 different Aussie Authors
TRUE BLUE – Read and review 12 books by Australian authors (at least 9 different authors)
True Blue is Australian slang meaning ‘the real thing’. Listen/watch this music video of the iconic Australian song "True Blue" written and sung by John Williamson.
How to Join
1. Write a challenge sign-up post on your blog. In that post provide a link to this page and add challenge button to your sidebar, linking the button to this page so others can easily join in the fun.
2. Add your name and the direct link to your AUSSIE AUTHOR CHALLENGE Sign-Up post in the Challenge Sign-Up Link List below, so myself and other challenge participants can check in and say hi!
3. Each time you read and review a book as part of this challenge, share this with other challenge participants by adding a direct link to the Challenge Book Review Link List below.
4. When you have completed the challenge, add a link to your completion to the Completion Post List Link List below.
Need help deciding which Aussie Authors are going to be on your list? Here are just some places to start:

My reasons to join this challenge:

  1. I do have Australian ancestors
  2. I already have scheduled to read Peter Temple’s The Broken Shore
  3. I’m interested on Michael Robotham’s psychological thrillers, maybe The Suspect
  4. I very much enjoyed Gunshot Road by Adrian Hyland and I’m keen to try Diamond Dove
  5. That makes three
  6. The three books needed for the TOURIST level

Want to join us? Try also Australian Crime Fiction Database

7 thoughts on “2011 Aussie Author Challenge”

  1. >These challenges are coming thick and fast, but three books by three different authors should not be too difficult so I will join in. I have Gunshot Road-Adrian Hyland, and Bad Debts-Peter Temple, so I only need one more.

  2. >Glad to see you joining this one Jose Ignacio. I haven't written my post yet but will definitely be aiming for the True Blue level.How intriguing to hear that you have Aussie ancestors, it makes the world seem a small place sometimes. Do you know what part of the country they were from?

  3. >Bernadette, my mother's grandmother née Broadbent was one of the four children of Walter Broadbent, a second generation Australian. Walter Broadbent was born in Parramatta, Australia. His parents were Joseph Broadbent and Eleanor Brown.

  4. >A very big welcome to the Aussie Author Challenge Jose Ignacio! Looking forward to your reviews of those titles. (Booklover Book Reviews)

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