Francisco González Ledesma

Francisco González Ledesma, (Barcelona, 1927), is a writer, journalist and lawyer. When he was twelve he started to write, at fifteen he begun to earn his living as a cartoonist and as a writer of cowboys’ novels under the pen name of Silver Kane. In 1984 he won the Premio Planeta with his novel  Crónica sentimental en rojo. On two occasions he obtained the Prize Mystère to the Best Foreign Novel published in France. He is probably best know in France and Italy than in Spain. Unfortunately his books are not available in English yet.

Read additional information at Le blog de Jean-Marc Laherrere (in French).  A blog I heartily recommend if you speak French.

His series, featuring Inspector Méndez, is made up of the following titles:

Expediente Barcelona (1983).

Las calles de nuestros padres ( 1984).

Crónica sentimental en rojo (1984), Premio Planeta de Novela.

La Dama de Cachemira (1986), Premio Mystère.

Historia de Dios en una esquina (1991).

El pecado o algo parecido (2002), Premio Hammett.

Cinco mujeres y media (2005), Premio Mystère.

Méndez (2006 ).

Una novela de barrio (2007), Premio Internacional de Novela Negra RBA

No hay que morir dos veces (2009).

I have read La Dama de Cachemira and Méndez, you can find my blog posts in Spanish HERE and HERE. I have scheduled to read soon No hay que morir dos veces.

Francisco González Ledesma website in Spanish

Wikipedia in French


2 thoughts on “Francisco González Ledesma

  1. >Mi principal desafío para el año próximo es leer más novela negra escrita en castellano, así que te agradezco la referencia a González Ledesma. Tienes toda la razón con el comentario de que es más conocido y valorado en Francia que aquí. Tengo la impresión de que eso sucede con más de un autor.Por cierto, magnífico el blog de Jean-Marc Laherrere.Saludos

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