First time authors read in 2010

A question from Peter Rozovsky at Detectives Beyond Borders

Whom have you read for the first time in 2010?

In my case I’ve read this year 45 new-to-me authors. In my list I’ve only included the first book read. In some cases I’ve read two or more. I’m also highlighting with *** my ten favourite authors from this list, although, if I have read two or more, it might not be his/her best book (e. g.: I would have picked Indridason’s Hypothermia and Villar’s Death on a Galician Shore). My preferences, as always, are capricious, change over time and only reflect my taste. My rating at goodreads might not necessarily be the highest.

Adrian Hyland – Gunshot Road ***

Alicia Giménez Bartlett – Death Rites (Spain)

Ann Cleeves – Raven Black

Annamaria Alfieri – City of Silver

Anthony Berkeley – The Poisoned Chocolates Case***

Arnaldur Indridason – Tainted Blood (aka Jar City) ***

Asa Larsson – The Savage Altar

Barbara Vine – The Birthday Present

Bob Reiss – Purgatory Road

Carlo Lucarelli – Carte Blanche

Claudia Piñeiro – Thursday Night Widows

Deon Meyer – Thirteen Hours ***

Domingo Villar – Water-Blue Eyes (Spain) ***

Dominique Manotti – Affairs of State ***

Ernesto Mallo – Needle in a Haystack ***

Franciso Ortiz – Last Night in Granada (Spain)

Guillermo Arriaga – A Sweet Scent of Death ***

Hakan Nesser – The Mind’s Eye

Jacques Chessek – A Jew Must Die

Johan Theorin – The Darkest Room ***

Karin Alvtegen – Missing ***

Karin Fossum – Don’t Look Back

Laura Lippman – What the Dead Know

Leighton Gage – Blood of the Wicked

Leonardo Padura – Havana Gold

Léo Malet – 120 Rue de la Gare

Lorenzo Silva – The Queen without Mirror

Margie Orford – Like Clockwork

Martin Edwards – The Coffin Trail

Mehmet Murat Somer – The Gigolo Murder

Michael Stanley – A Carrion Death

Natsuo Kirino – Out

Neil Cross – Burial

Nick Brownlee – Bait

Peter Temple – Dead Point

Petros Markaris – Basic Shareholder

Qiu Xiaolong – Death of a Red Heroine

Ramón Díez Eterovic – The City is Sad

Rob Kitchin – The Rule Book

Santiago Roncagliolo – Red April

Sarah Andrews – In Cold Pursuit

Simon Beckett – Written in Bone

Teresa Solana – A Shortcut to Paradise

Tonino Benacquista – Badfellas

Vanda Symon – Overkill

You can also check Bernadette’s blog post at Reactions to Reading on the same subject.

5 thoughts on “First time authors read in 2010”

  1. >Great list! I have only read 15 of them so far, but I have at least a handful of your writers on my TBR. So probably in 2011. But like you, I am keeping some for the Global Reading Challenge. I´ll put my list up in a week or so.

  2. >Peter most of the Spanish authors in my list are/will be translated. Particularly Death on a Galician Shore and A Shortcut to Paradise will be released early next year. From my list only Last Night in Granada and The Queen Without Mirror have not been translated. Also Chilenan Writer Ramon Diaz Eterovic books might not be available in English.

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