A Certain Justice by PD James

First published by Faber and Faber Ltd 1997

Published in Penguin Books 1998

Pages: 482

ISBN: 97880140274684

The blurb reads: ‘Venetia Aldridge QC is a distinguished barrister. When she agrees to defend Garry Ashe, accused of the brutal murder of his aunt, it is one more opportunity to triumph in her career as a criminal lawyer. But Regina v. Ashe initiates events both frightening and unpredictable. Just four weeks later, Miss Aldridge is found dead in her Middle Temple Chambers. Commander Adam Dalgliesh, called in to investigate, finds motives for murder among the clients Venetia has defended, her professional colleagues, her family – even her lover. As Dalgliesh and his team narrow the field of suspects, a second brutal murder draws them into greater complexities of intrigue and evil.’

A Certain Justice (1997), the tenth book in Inspector Adam Dalgliesh series, is the sixth book I’ve read to complete my participation on the 2010 Typically British Reading Challenge hosted by Book Chick City.

I have to admit that I found A Certain Justice quite irregular, and this despite my admiration for PD James, her brilliant prose, the details about the criminal justice system in England and the fine portraits of the characters developed in the book. I was very much interested in the plot but somewhere along the last chapters I lost interest and, finally, I found that the solution to the case was completely unsatisfactory. However up to that point it was rather a gratifying reading.

Read an excerpt HERE.

PD James Official Website

A Faber Podcast Special: An Interview with P D James at Bookdagger.com

3 thoughts on “A Certain Justice by PD James”

  1. >José Ignacio – I'm sorry that you found this book's plot disappointing. I agree with you, though, that James does an excellent job with character development and I think she also does a fine job with context/setting. It just goes to show you how important a strong plot is to a novel…

  2. >I think this is the last of the Adam Dalgliesh books of James' that I read and mostly for the reasons you state – I think that she either needs better editing but people are too scared these days because of her 'name' or she has lost a bit of interest – or something.

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