Wrap Up: Typically British Reading Challenge

The 2010 Typically British Reading Challenge 2010 was hosted by Carolyn at Book Chick City. I signed up once I did realise that I had not read many British crime fiction books this year and I thought it was a nice opportunity to dust off some of the books that were sitting in my shelves waiting TBR. Voluntarily I limited my participation to my favourite genre, although the Challenge is not restricted to crime fiction books.

There were four levels:

  • “Put The Kettle On” – Read 2 Typically British novels.
  • “Gordon Bennett” – Read 4 Typically British novels.
  • “Bob’s Your Uncle” – Read 6 Typically British novels.
  • “Cream Crackered” – Read 8 Typically British novels.

My aim was to achieve ‘Bob’s Your Uncle’ level. For which I’ve read:

It was great fun to participate, thank you Carolyn.

2 thoughts on “Wrap Up: Typically British Reading Challenge”

  1. >Well done, Jose Igacio, and I see you have a nice geographical range of authors even within our small country so even greater congratulations!(maxine)

  2. >I think you have chosen a great selection of authors (in other words, these writers are some of my favourites :D)

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