Spanish Traditions – Roscón de Reyes (King cake)


DSCN8212 Spanish children receive their gifts the 6th of January by the Three Kings (Melchior, Gaspar and Balthazar). We call them los Reyes Magos or los Magos (the Magi or the Three Wise Men). DSCN8213

But this day will not be completed without a ‘roscón de Reyes’ (King cake). The Spanish King cake or ‘roscón’ is a yeast-based brioche made in the shape of a ring and filled with almonds and dried fruits. A trinket is placed in the cake. The person who gets the trinket on his/her piece of cake (usually the youngest member in the family) becomes the king/queen for the day.DSCN8222 For more information see Wikipedia entry for King cake HERE.

5 thoughts on “Spanish Traditions – Roscón de Reyes (King cake)”

  1. >I'm visiting from Dorte's blog.I was interested to read about your King cake tradition. Living in the southern portion of the US (Arkansas) I've always associated it with Mardi Gras. However, the cakes often start appearing in our bakeries soon after Epiphany. The one in your photos looks delicious!

  2. >… the three Wise Men from eastern. Lovely tradition that I enjoy more and more as I became older.I wish you get many good presents in this new year from the Wise Men, José Ignacio.

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