My Reading Plan – January 2011

>Getting back to brass tacks, I’m currently reading Three Seconds by Anders Roslund & Börge Hellström and my plan is to tackle next: Yours Until Death by Gunnar Staalesen, The Man From Beijing by Henning Mankell, The Snowman by Jo Nesbo, Red Wolf by Liza Marklund and Unspoken by Mari Jungstedt. This should take me at least through the 15th of February at my reading pace . They are all in my TBR shelves and I have the firm intention of not buying any further book until finishing all of them.
Bets are opened. Will I get it done?

11 thoughts on “My Reading Plan – January 2011”

  1. >I guess you mean that I will be able not to buy a single book before I finish my reading plan, Margot. I took for granted that I'm going to fisnish reading those books as scheduled.

  2. >¿Todo eso para enero? Dichoso tú que dispones de tiempo para tanto. De todas formas encuentro que hay demasiado nórdico, ¿no?Yo creo que vas a querer desengrasar un poco con otras cosas.Saludos.

  3. >UCEMB – Hay una gran variedad entre todos estos nórdicos y se puede 'desengrasar' saltando de un autor a otro. Respecto al tiempo sólo tengo que apagar la televisión. La media en España es de 3,7 horas diarias.

  4. >If it were me, I *would* read the books, but I also *would* acquire some more. A great sale, a gift card, something would entice me. 😀

  5. >I find making a public declaration does help Jose Ignacio but then other books winkle their way into the list!

  6. >Karen – I will acquire more books but my plan is to reduce somehow the amount of books in my TBR shelves.Kerrie – I'm not counting the books in transit, I have at least three books arriving in the next days. But if I read six and add three, there is still a net reduction.

  7. >As it happens I have read all of these so I think you are in for a good reading time, Jose Ignacio! They are all quite different in style and "subgenre", so it will be interesting to see how they all compare, in your eyes! Happy reading, I hope you enjoy. (I think you will succeed i your goal!)Best wishesMaxine.

  8. >Mañana lunes empiezo formalmente mis nuevas lecturas del 2011. Esto es con el volver al trabajo después de mis vacaciones.He leído en estos días nomás revistas y cosas ligeras.Mi primer libro del año es "Nunca me abandones" de Kazuo Ishiguro. (Es el segundo libro del autor que leo)Ya nos contarás de tus lecturas.Esperemos nunca cansarnos de leer.Abrazos.

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