Crime Fiction Alphabet 2011: C is for Cueto, Alonso Cueto

Alonso Cueto (Lima, 1954) is a well known Peruvian writer. His book La hora azul, Anagrama, 2005 (The Blue Hour) won the XXIII Premio Herralde de Novela. His last novel is entitled La venganza del silencio, Planeta 2010 (The Revenge of Silence).

Cueto’s novels are not available in English. However, if my information is correct, William Heinemann/Random House UK has acquired World English Rights of Alonso Cueto’s La hora azul. Set in the late 90s in Peru, this is a journey towards the hidden side of families and societies, a novel about the exploration of the forbidden chapters of a man’s family. The story, dramatic and moving, is told with the gripping style and rhythm of a detective story where Cueto’s writing flows effortlessly (taken from New Spanish Books).You can read more about La hora azul HERE.

I am planning to read soon La venganza del silencio. Stay tuned. You can read my previous posts HERE and HERE.

Alonso Cueto Biography at Berlin International Festival of Literature.

Terror, bribery and intrigue: the bloody past fuelling Lima’s literary renaissance at

Alonso Cueto official website

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