Commissario Bordelli crime series by Marco Vichi

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Hodder & Stoughton have bought the rights to four “brilliantly evocative” novels by Italian author Marco Vichi.

Francesca Best, assistant editor, acquired World English language rights from Marie Louise Zarmanian at Ugo Guanda Editore. The four titles are part of the Commissario Bordelli crime series, which is set in Florence in the 1960s. Hodder will publish the first book in the series in spring 2011.

Best said: “We’re thrilled to be publishing these brilliantly evocative novels. They’re packed with intriguing characters – not least Inspector Bordelli himself, a Chandlerian hero tormented by memories of the war, and particularly characterised by his compassion towards society’s underdogs. And the series is perfect for crime readers who like Italian food or culture.”

Morte a Firenze (Death in Florence), the fourth book in a series featuring Commissario Bordelli by Marco Vichi,  won the Giorgio Scerbanenco Prize in 2009 (Crime Time) and it is available in Spain since yesterday 24 of January by Duomo Ediciones. Just added to my TBR pile, plan to read it soon. Stay tuned.

For more information you can visit:

Mis detectives Favoritos and La Gansterera (in Spanish)

Marco Vichi official website and Guanda (in Italian)

Euro Crime (in English)

The Commissario Bordelli crime series:

Il Commissario Bordelli, Parma, Guanda, 2002 (English: Death in August) (Spanish: El comisario Bordelli)

Una brutta faccenda, Parma, Guanda, 2003 (Spanish: Un asunto sucio)

Il nuovo venuto, Parma, Guanda, 2004 (Spanish: El recién llegado)

Morte a Firenze, Parma, Guanda, 2009 (Spanish: Muerte en Florencia)

Un tipo tranquillo, Parma, Guanda, 2010

4 thoughts on “Commissario Bordelli crime series by Marco Vichi”

  1. >This sounds like a good series, Jose Igacio, or rather "to my taste". I very much forward to reading your review of the Spanish version(s), as a taster! Thanks for highlighting these. Maxine.

  2. love Death in August. It is listed as the first in the Bordelli series but the other books also with Bordelli were published before this book was written. So how can it be the first? I am on the first chapter and and hooked.

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