Australian Crime Fiction

‘The Game’s Afoot’ readers may be interested to know that Fair Dinkum Crime is re-launched today (yesterday)as a home for reviews and news about Australian crime fiction, including author interviews. For more information you can visit their web page HERE.

If you are further interested in Australian Crime Fiction you can also join the 2011 Aussie Author Challenge HERE. I’m participating at the TOURIST level which requires me to read and review three books by three different Aussie Authors. I’m planning to read: The Broken Shore by Peter Temple, The Suspect by Michael Robotham and Diamond Dove by Adrian Hyland. Stay tuned.

Let me also remind you of my previous posts: Dead Point by Peter Temple HERE and  Gunshot Road by Adrian Hyland HERE and HERE.

You may wonder where does my interest in Australia come from?

The photo enclosed shows my great-grandparents, Juan and Concepción García-Bosque. Juan was born in Spain (Jaca, Huesca) and emigrated to the Philippines where he married Concepción (née Broadbent), whose father was Australian. They had nine children and their offspring have settled in the Philippines, USA, Spain, Australia, Great Britain and South Africa. BTW I found this picture in the Internet. The baby girl is probably Pilar, my grandfather’s youngest sister, but everyone called her Nena.

4 thoughts on “Australian Crime Fiction”

  1. >José Ignacio – What a wonderful 'photo! And thanks for sharing some of your family's really interesting history! You've got connections in lots of different countries. And I'm excited, too, about the re-launch of Fair Dinkum Crime.

  2. >What an amazing story, and diverse collection of relatives! You can claim to be interested in even more countries' crime fiction than Australia and Spain, I can see. Thank you for sharing this story and lovely picture.Best wishesMaxine.

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