International Dagger Speculation (2011) Update


Karen at Euro Crime has provided us with excellent information about  the list of translated crime novels published between June 2010 and May 2011, eligible this year for the International Dagger Shortlist. The Shortlist will be announced at a later stage. I don’t pretend to read them all, there are 52 so far but I have read a few and I’m looking forward to read some more before the final announcement is made.

So far I’ve read:

Ernesto Mallo – Needle in a Haystack
Roslund-Hellstrom – Three Seconds
Liza Marklund – Red Wolf
Teresa Solana – A Short Cut to Paradise
Henning Mankell – The Troubled Man
Domingo Villar – Death on a Galician Shore

I do have sitting in my TBR pile and plan to read anytime soon:

Jo Nesbo – The Leopard

I’m interested in and plan to read as well:

Andrea Camilleri – The Wings of the Sphinx
Karin Fossum – Bad Intentions
Marek Krajewski – The Phantoms of Breslau
Hakan Nesser – The Inspector and Silence
Andrea Maria Schenkel – Bunker
Yrsa Sigurdardottir – Ashes to Dust
Camilla Ceder – Frozen Moment
Jan Costin Wagner – Silence
Pablo de Santis – Voltaire’s Calligrapher
Esther Verhoef – Rendezvous
Bernhard Schlink – The Gordian Knot
Simone van der Vlugt – Shadow Sister
Mari Jungstedt – The Dead of Summer
Fred Vargas – An Uncertain Place
Jussi Adler-Olsen – Mercy
Lars Kepler – The Hypnotist

Now the problem is that I don’t know whether it will be a good idea to read some of the above (at least the ones in bold) if I have not read first the previous ones in their series. Any suggestion?

4 thoughts on “International Dagger Speculation (2011) Update”

  1. >Shadow Sister is a standalone novel, not a series, and so is Bunker, so you are OK with those. Frozen Moment is a debut novel, so that's OK too. I think you could easily read the Karin Fossum, Andrea Camilleri and Hakan Nesser without having read all the others in the series. But I think Yrsa Sigurdadottir may be best read in order because of Thora's personal life? I also think it is best to read Ice Moon before Silence – Ice Moon is much better I think, and also shorter.So far as I know (I haven't yet read it), Rendezvous is also a standalone, or at least, does not follow on from Close Up.

  2. >Lars Kepler´s The Hypnotist is also first in a series. A fast-paced thriller (i.e. not my favourite), but I quite liked the protagonist. I enjoyed Camilla Ceder´s debut much more, and like Maxine, I´d recommend reading Sigurdardottir´s books in order (even though I think the first is slightly weaker).

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