It takes a lot of courage to do that…..


…… who said I have a lot of courage (Garfield)

Remember my self imposed ban to purchase more books. Well I just lift it and went through a shopping spree. I bought:

  • The Inspector and Silence, by Hakan Nesser
  • The Wings of the Sphinx, by Andrea Camilleri
  • Diamond Dove, by Adrian Hyland
  • The Ice Princess, by Camila Läckberg
  • A Quiet Belief in Angels, by R. J. Ellory
  • Lennox, by Craig Rusell
  • Last Rituals, by Yrsa Sigurdardottir
  • The Crossing Places, by Elly Griffiths
  • Bad Intentions, by Karin Fossum (pre-ordered)

Afraid a new ban is on its way, the question remains, till when….

5 thoughts on “It takes a lot of courage to do that…..”

  1. >José Ignacio – Well, honestly, with books like that, how can you maintain a ban? I think you're going to really enjoy those reads. I'll be very interested to know what you think of them!

  2. >I understand all too well! You seem to have made some excellent choices to re-start your book purchasing career – I am looking forward to your reviews of these. In particular I'd be interested to know how Elly Griffiths' The Crossing Places appeals to a male reader (I think all the ecstatic reviews I've read are by women, who love Ruth Galloway).

  3. >Good for the book business that we are so easy to tempt 😀 I don´t know, but I could imagine you´d enjoy Ruth Galloway very much. Some of the Swedish, housewifey protagonists annoy me quite a bit, but Ruth is so much more interesting.

  4. >Jose Ignacio — I've read three of these, have one in my TBR and have 2 more on my buy/find list. I think you'll be happy with many of them.Also I think I was one who said I hoped you could do it because I couldn't, so you'll get no teasing from me. 😀

  5. >I tend to do the same thing Jose Ignacio – ban myself for a while then splurge on all the things I would have bought during the ban period. I think it misses the point in the end but I keep reminding myself there are worse things to be addicted to.I think you've made some great choices though (of the ones I've read) and I look forward to hearing your thoughts

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