Emerald Noir: The Rise of Irish Crime Fiction

Listen out to Emerald Noir: The Rise of Irish Crime Fiction, if interested you have six days left to listen at bbc.co.uk HERE. Val McDermid presents this insightful look at the rise of crime fiction on both side of the borders since the peace process in the North, and boom and bust in the South. For more information on Irish Crime Fiction, Brian McGilloway’s top 10 modern Irish crime novels, In Praise of Emerald Noir and Declan Burke’s blog Crime Always Pay.

Have you read any Irish Crime Fiction writers?

If yes, Which ones? What are your favourites?

If not, Why loosing your time reading this post? Go and look for a book to read.

3 thoughts on “Emerald Noir: The Rise of Irish Crime Fiction”

  1. >José Ignacio – Thanks for these helpful links. Irish crime fiction is definitely getting more and more attention and there are some terrific authors out there, like Rob Kitchin, Declan Bure and several others.

  2. >I enjoyed listening to that – thanks for pointing it out! Val made a great host. It was good to hear the perspectives of so many Irish Crime writers. I haven't read many, I confess, but that's purely due to so many books, so little time syndrome!

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