The Alphabet in Crime Fiction, J is for James, P. D. James

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Although this blog is taking a voluntary break I do not want to miss my appointment this week with the Crime Fiction Alphabet, a community meme put together by Kerrie at Mysteries in Paradise. Please visit HERE the contribution of other fellow participants.

“J” is for James, Phyllis Dorothy James, Baroness James of Holland Park OBE, commonly known as P. D. James, born on 3  August 1920 in Oxford. For a complete biography you can either check the British Council page on Contemporary Writers, HERE, or P.D. James Wikipedia page, HERE.  

Thanks to Maxine at Petrona – In praise of crime fiction – I’ve came across this article: A Taste for Death. The detective novels of P.D. James are a window on our times.

The work of Baroness James of Holland Park has elevated English detective fiction far beyond the diverting puzzles typical of the genre novelists of an earlier generation……. Lady James is a perceptive chronicler of the changing landscape of London; the flux of urban development and the housing market; the corrosive culture of sink estates; the ruthless politics of the professions; and even the use of the internet for hedonistic purposes…….. Like Wilkie Collins and Edgar Allan Poe, she has looked at the darkness of the human psyche, and created from it not just entertainment but literature.”

I could not have put it better. You can read this article HERE.

I’ve read a fair amount of P.D. James novels but most were read before I began blogging. I am planning to reread a few of them, stay tuned. Anyway you can read my reviews of  A Certain Justice (in English) and The Private Patient (in Spanish).

See also: PD James Official Website

El Alfabeto del Crimen, la J es por James, P.D. James

Aunque este blog se está tomando un descanso voluntario no quiero perderme mi cita semanal con el Alfabeto del Crimen un meme organizado por Kerrie en Mysteries in Paradise. Por favor visite AQUÍ las aportaciones del resto de los participantes.

La “J” es por James, Phyllis Dorothy James, la baronesa James de Holland Park OBE, comúnmente conocida como PD James, nacida el 3 de agosto de 1920 en Oxford. Una completa biografía se puede consultar en la página del British Council sobre Escritores de hoy AQUÍ, o en la página de Wikipedia sobre PD James AQUÍ.

Gracias a Maxine en Petrona, In praise of crime fiction, encontré este artículo: Sabor a muerte. Las novelas de detectives de P.D. James son una ventana a nuestros tiempos.

“La obra de la baronesa James de Holland Park ha elevado a la novela inglesa de detectives más allá del entretenido misterio propio de los novelistas del género de una generación anterior ….. Lady James es una perspicaz cronista del cambiante paisaje de Londres; del flujo del desarrollo urbano y del mercado de la vivienda; de la cultura destructiva de los barrios marginales; de las implacables políticas de los profesionales liberales; e incluso del uso de Internet con propósitos voluptuosos. Como Wilkie Collins y Edgar Allan Poe, ha penetrado en el lado oscuro subconsciente humano, y ha creado desde él no sólo entretenimiento, sino literatura.” (La traducción libre es mía)

Pueden leer el artículo completo AQUÍ.

He leído muchas novelas de P.D. James, la mayoría antes de empezar este blog. Tengo la intención de volver a leer algunas, continúen sintonizados. También pueden ver mis comentarios sobre  A Certain Justice (en inglés) y Muerte en la clínica privada (en español).


8 thoughts on “The Alphabet in Crime Fiction, J is for James, P. D. James

  1. >José Ignacio – What a terrific choice for "J!" P.D. James is certainly one of the grandes dames of crime fiction, so I'm very glad you included her.

  2. >P.D. James is definitely my favourite J! I know she is growing old now, but she has entertained me so much for 20-30 years.

  3. >I have enjoyed several of the books of the Baroness. I lover her ability to create wonderful characters and vivid settings. Last year I found her non-fiction book, Talking About Detective Fiction, an excellent exploration of the genre. My only disappointment in some of her most recent novels has been in the endings which I did not find up to the rest of the book. I do look forward to her next mystery. We can only hope we are reading and writing at 90+.

  4. I had the pleasure of seeing her ‘live’ at a literary festival and she was so sharp, witty, gracious and very moving when she said she hopes to be able to complete one more Dalgliesh novel…

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