April is Aussie Authors Month


Thanks to Kerrie at Mysteries in Paradise I find out that April is Aussie Authors Month. A nice opportunity to remind me that I’m well behind the 2011 Aussie Author Challenge. And I’m trying to remedy it by reading some of the books I’ve selected for this purpose, namely Diamond Dove by Adrian Hyland, The Broken Shore by Peter Temple and The Suspect by Michael Robotham. 

Gracias a Kerrie en Mysteries in Paradise me entero de que abril es el mes de los autores australianos. Una buena oportunidad para recordarme que estoy muy retrasado en el 2011 Aussie Author Challenge. Y estoy tratando de ponerle remedio mediante la lectura de algunos de los libros que he seleccionado para este propósito, a saber, Diamond Dove de Adrian Hyland, The Broken Shore de Peter Temple y The Suspect de Michael Robotham.

One thought on “April is Aussie Authors Month”

  1. >José Ignacio – I think you will really enjoy Diamond Dove. It is, in my opinion, a beautifully written book and since I know how much you enjoyed Gunshot Road I'm quite certain you will enjoy this one. And I enjoy Michael Robotham's work quite a lot, so I am hoping you'll like Suspect, too.

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