OT – The City of Cordoba (Spain)

The city of Córdoba (Spain) is located south of Madrid. Connected by high speed train it takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes to arrive.

Córdoba was probably the largest city in the western world during the tenth and the eleventh centuries, at that time seat of the Umayyad Caliphate. Córdoba had over 500,000 inhabitants, some believe it was close to one million. And, most astonishing, the three religions, Muslims, Jews and Christians, were able to live in peace.

I spent last weekend there. The weather was great and I had the opportunity to revisit the Mosque, the Synagogue and the Gardens of the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos. I even had time to visit Medina Azahara. You can find my photos enclosed. Cordoba is a candidate for the 2016 European Capital of Culture.

To learn more about Córdoba I can suggest the following links:

OT – La ciudad de Córdoba

La ciudad de Córdoba está situada al sur de Madrid. Conectada por AVE se tarda aproximadamente 1 hora y 40 minutos en llegar.

Córdoba fue probablemente la ciudad más grande del mundo occidental durante los siglos X y XI, en ese momento sede del Califato Omeya. Córdoba llegó a tener más de 500.000 habitantes, algunos creen que fueron cerca de un millón. Y, lo más sorprendente, las tres religiones, musulmanes, judios y cristianos, fueron capaces de vivir en paz.

Pasé el pasado fin de semana allí. La temperatura nos acompañó y tuve la oportunidad de visitar de nuevo la Mezquita, la Sinagoga y los Jardines del Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos. Incluso tuve tiempo de visitar Medina Azahara. Pueden ver adjuntas mis fotografías. Córdoba es candidata a la capitalidad cultural europea para el año 2016

Para ampliar la información sobre Córdoba les puedo sugerir los siguientes enlaces:

Cordoba 038 Cordoba 065

Cordoba 075 Cordoba 300

Cordoba 326 Cordoba 179

2 thoughts on “OT – The City of Cordoba (Spain)”

  1. >Lovely pics of a lovely place – I did visit there way back when but would love to go again one day (actually would love to do all of Spain in much more depth – we had only a brief few days to spend there)

  2. >José Ignacio – Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful city! I must admit, I have never been there although I've been to Spain a few times. Cordoba has such a fascinating history, too – amazing to think about the power that was centered there. Oh, and you got some lovely 'photos, too!

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