La cocina mediteránea de Lourdes March (Alianza, 2008)

My suggestion today for Book and Rose Day. Bon appétit!

Through centuries of history, the countries bordering the Mediterranean have created forms of culture, art and ordinary life, ties that have lasted well into the roots of their kitchens. Lourdes March presents in this book the basics of the Mediterranean cuisine, which, based on the ancient triad of olives, wheat and grapes, has been rediscovered by the modern diet as the ideal form of nutrition for today’s busy people and an irreplaceable source of energy for the athlete. In this new revised and updated edition of a book as varied as suggestive not only the most typical and traditional recipes of the fourteen countries of the Mediterranean basin are recorded, but also data about the main factors that have led to the development and evolution of their diet.

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La cocina mediterránea

Lourdes March

Alianza Editorial, 2008

304 páginas

ISBN: 978-84-206-6295-4

In Madrid these days, try something different

After all the Mediterranean cuisine is not at odds with crime fiction and the restaurant Ventorrillo Murciano, offers high quality rice from the Region of Murcia in Madrid. The rice with rabbit and snails and the rice with cod-fish and vegetables, among others, are highly recommended. The local in rustic style is nice but very small. The service is friendly but unprofessional. The wine list is very short, the wines are only from the region, Jumilla and Yecla, but try to taste something different though. For example Casa Ermita Crianza 2006 and enjoy yourself.

Ventorrillo Murciano

Calle Tres Peces 20, 28012 Madrid

Zona: Centro

Metro: Antón Martín (Línea 1)

Phone number: 91 528 83 09

No mires atrás (La ragazza del lago, 2007) película de Andrea Molaioli (2)

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Begoña y yo fuimos ayer a ver a No mires atrás (La ragazza del lago, 2007), la ópera prima del director italiano Andrea Molaioli, escrita por Sandro Pertaglia y Andrea Molaioli y basada en la novela No mires atrás de Karin Fossum. La película fue premiada con 10 Donatellos, el equivalente a nuestros premios Goya. La localización en un pueblo del noreste italiano es todo un acierto. La interpretación de los actores es bastante adecuada. Tengo que admitir que me gustó la película, probablemente incluso más que la novela original, lo que suele ser bastante raro. Con todo es una película bastante decente, muy entretenida y adecuada para pasar un buen rato. Mi calificación 7 de 10 y muy recomendable.

The Girl by the Lake (La ragazza del lago, 2007) film by Andrea Molaioli (2)

Begoña and I went yesterday to see The Girl by the Lake (La ragazza del lago, 2007), the debut film of Italian director Andrea Molaioli, written by Sandro Pertaglia and Andrea Molaioli; and based on the novel Don’t Look Back by Karin Fossum. The film was awarded with 10 Donatellos, the equivalent of our Goya awards. The setting in a northeast Italian village is quite an achievement. The actors’ performance is pretty adequate. I have to admit I liked the film, probably even more than the original book, which is rather unusual. All in all a pretty decent movie, very entertaining and suitable for a good time. My rating 7 out of 10 and highly recommended.

No mires atrás (2007) película de Andrea Molaioli
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