The Alphabet in Crime Fiction, Q is for Quartey, Kwei Quartey

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The Alphabet in Crime Fiction, a Community Meme hosted by Kerrie at Mysteries in Paradise, has arrived this week to the letter “Q”. Click HERE to see the contribution of other fellow participants to this week’s Crime Fiction Alphabet.

My “Q” is for Quartey. Dr. Kwei Quartey was born in Ghana and raised by an African American mother and a Ghanaian father, both of whom were university lecturers. Even though his professional writing career began after he became a physician, his desire to be a writer started at a very early age. Kwei Quartey now lives in Pasadena, California. He writes early in the morning before setting out to work at HealthCare Partners, where he runs a wound care clinic and is the lead physician at an urgent care centre. As a writer, he is the author of Inspector Darko Dawson mystery series:

Wife of the Gods (Random House, 2009).

Synopsis from the publisher: In a shady grove outside the small town of Ketanu, a young woman—a promising med student—has been found dead under suspicious circumstances. Eager to close the case, the local police have arrested a poor, enamoured teenage boy and charged him with murder. Needless to say, they are less than thrilled when an outside force arrives from the big city to lead an inquiry into the baffling case.
Detective Inspector Darko Dawson, fluent in Ketanu’s indigenous language, is the right man for the job, but he hates the idea of leaving his loving wife and young son, a plucky kid with a defective heart. Pressured by his cantankerous boss, Dawson agrees to travel to Ketanu, sort through the evidence, and tie up the loose ends as quickly and as efficiently as possible. But for Dawson, this sleepy corner of Ghana is rife with emotional land mines: an estranged relationship with the family he left behind twenty-five years earlier and the painful memory of his own mother’s sudden, inexplicable disappearance. Dawson is armed with remarkable insight and a healthy dose of scepticism, but these gifts, sometimes overshadowed by his mercurial temper, may not be enough to solve this haunting mystery. In Ketanu, he finds that his cosmopolitan sensibilities clash with age-old customs, including a disturbing practice in which teenage girls are offered by their families to fetish priests as trokosi, or Wives of the Gods.

Children of the Street (Random House, 12 July 2011).

Synopsis from the publisher: In the slums of Accra, Ghana’s fast-moving, cosmopolitan capital, teenagers are turning up dead. Inspector Darko Dawson has seen many crimes, but this latest string of murders—in which all the young victims bear a chilling signature—is the most unsettling of his career. Are these heinous acts a form of ritual killing or the work of a lone, cold-blooded monster? With time running out, Dawson embarks on a harrowing journey through the city’s underbelly and confronts the brutal world of the urban poor, where street children are forced to fight for their very survival—and a cunning killer seems just out of reach.

Men of the Rig (2012). This is Kwei Quartey’s third novel in the Inspector Darko Dawson mystery series coming 2012.

For additional information click at Kwei Quartey website and Random House.

Read an interview with Kwei Quartey at MyWeku.

I became interested in Wife of the Gods ever since I spotted this book for the first time and I’m planning to read  it for the African leg of the 2011 Global Reading Challenge. Stay tuned.

Wife of the Gods has been reviewed by Glenn at International Noir Fiction and Bernadette at Reactions to Reading among others.

El Alfabeto del Crimen, Q es por Quartey, Kwei Quartey

El Alfabeto del  Crimen, un meme organizado por Kerrie en Mysteries in Paradise, llega esta semana a la letra “Q”. Haga clic AQUÍ para ver las contribuciones para esta semana del resto de participantes.

Mi “Q” es por Quartey. El Dr. Kwei Quartey nació en Ghana de madre afroamericana y padre ghanés, los dos profesores universitarios. A pesar de que su carrera profesional como escritor se inició después de dedicarse a la medicina, desde muy joven quería ser escritor. Kwei Quartey vive en la actualidad en Pasadena, California. Escribe a primera hora de la mañana antes de incorporarse a su trabajo en HealthCare Partners, donde dirige una clínica de primeros auxilios y es el médico principal en el centro de urgencias. Como escritor es autor de la serie protagonizada por el Inspector Darko Dawson: Wife of the Gods (Random House, 2009), Children of the Street (Random House, a la venta a partir del 12 de julio de 2011) y Men of the Rig (2012), la tercera novela protagonizada por el Inspector Darko Dawson que saldrá a la venta en el 2012. Para más información haga clic en el página web de Kwei Quartey (en inglés). Me interesé en Wife of the Gods desde el primer momento que vi el libro. Tengo la intención de leerlo proximamente para el Desafío Global de Lectura 2011. Permanezcan atentos.

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