The Alphabet in Crime Fiction: T is for Theorin, Johan Theorin

This week the Crime Fiction Alphabet arrives to letter “T”. My T is for Theorin, Johan Theorin.

Unfortunately my computer went out of order and I’m in the process of buying a new one. Hope to sort this out pretty soon. In the meantime I do not want to miss my weekly appointment with Kerrie’s meme. You can find more details about Johan Theorin at the official UK website of Johan Theorin HERE. You can see my review of The Darkest Room HERE, and I’m reading Echoes of the Dead. Stay tuned.

Spanish readers click HERE for additional information

7 thoughts on “The Alphabet in Crime Fiction: T is for Theorin, Johan Theorin”

  1. Thank you Norman. Probably an HP, but don’t have details handy right now. Will let you know. The old one was a seven year old DELL Inspiron.

  2. Agreed that this is a great author. Good luck with your computer buying. My husband and one of my daughters recently switched to Macs which they love. My other daughter and I stick with our PCs. Last time I bought one I was going to get a Sony as I liked my previous Sony Vaio but the man in John Lewis persuaded me to buy a Toshiba for half the price with all the same features, and it’s been great so far (over a year now).

  3. José Ignacio – You made an excellent choice of author for this week :-). I am sorry to hear about your computer woes, though. I used to have a Dell myself and had so many problems with it that it was ridiculous. Now I have and love an HP desktop and my daughter has and loves an HP laptop.

  4. I love my mac!
    And I understand that you have to participate in Kerrie´s meme whether you have a computer or not. Officially I am not participating at all, but I enjoy it so much that I have only missed one week so far 🙂

  5. Great pick Jose Ignacio – I’ve loved both of Theorin’s books that I’ve read and I’m very much looking forward to getting my hands on QUARRY (hopefully soon).

    I too am in the market for a new computer, mine hasn’t quite died but it’s on its deathbed (takes 20 minutes now to turn it on and it makes awful noises most of the time and shuts off for no reason when I’m half way through doing something). The selection process for a new one is the hardest bit – so many choices

  6. Maxine, Margot, Dorte, Bernadette, thanks for your kind words. Have bought an HP G62 – b4ss laptop, but it will take a few days to arrive. It was a good opportunity price wise.

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