Can hardly wait for The Cut by George Pelecanos

George Pelecanos is one of my favourite writers and I can hardly wait for his new book The Cut (Orion 25 August 2011).

George Pelecanos’s last four novels have all been stand-alone books. The Cut heralds a new series featuring Spero Lucas; an Iraq veteran who is a special investigator for a criminal attorney.

“Spero Lucas has a new line of work. Since he returned home after serving in Iraq, he has been doing special investigations for a defense attorney. He’s good at it, and he has carved out a niche: recovering stolen property, no questions asked. His cut is forty percent. A high-profile crime boss who has heard of Lucas’s specialty hires him to find out who has been stealing from his operation. It’s the biggest job Lucas has ever been offered, and he quickly gets a sense of what’s going on. But before he can close in on what’s been taken, he tangles with a world of men whose amorality and violence leave him reeling. Is any cut worth your family, your lover, your life?”

For additional information click at George Pelecanos Official Site and at Orion Publishing Group.

Have you read George Pelecanos before? If yes, which one is your favourite book? Does it look attractive? Would you like reading it? Comments are welcome.

4 thoughts on “Can hardly wait for The Cut by George Pelecanos”

  1. I finally got to the library yesterday and saw The Way Home there, was dithering about whether to borrow it or not but in the end did not. I know everyone raves about this author but I didn’t enjoy the one book of his I read a few years ago. But I must give him a try sometime. (I did enjoy The Wire!).

  2. I still might try it, Jose Ignacio – it was not that one I read, I can’t remember which it was – a much earlier one. I think your English is a lot better than Google Translate’s version of it 😉

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