The Crime Fiction Alphabet, ‘V’ is for Villar. Domingo Villar

Esta entrada es bilingüe, desplazarse hacia abajo para ver la versión en castellano.

The Alphabet in Crime Fiction, hosted by Kerrie at Mysteries in Paradise, arrives this week to letter V. Please click HERE to see the contributions of fellow participants and visit their blogs.

My ‘V’ is for Villar. Domingo Villar (1971) grew up in Vigo, Galicia and now lives in Madrid. He is a screenwriter and novelist whose two first books featuring Inspector Leo Caldas, have been bestsellers and shortlisted for several awards in Spain. His first novel, Water-blue Eyes was published in the UK by Arcadia. Death on a Galician Shore, his second novel, has been shortlisted for the 2011 CWA International Dagger.

CWA Judges’ said: ‘What looks like a banal suicide leads to an investigation into the complex past of a village of fishermen, whose lives have been changed by fished-out waters, property development and the ambitions and prejudices of a once-conservative society.’

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But don’t give me credit, I’m biased, read the excellent reviews that you can find below instead, and then decide for yourselves whether it’s worth reading Domingo Villar.

El Alfabeto del Crimen, V de Villar. Domingo Villar

El alfabeto del crimen, organizado por Kerrie en Mysteries in Paradise, llega esta semana a la letra V. Por favor, haga clic AQUÍ para ver las contribuciones del resto de los participantes y visiten sus blogs.

Mi V es por Villar. Domingo Villar (1971) se crió en Vigo, Galicia y ahora vive en Madrid. Es guionista y novelista, sus dos primeros libros, protagonizados por el inspector Leo Caldas, han tenido mucho éxito de público y de ventas, y han recibido numerosos premios en España. Su primera novela, Ojos de agua, ha sido publicada por Arcadia en el Reino Unido. La playa de los ahogados, su segunda novela, ha sido preseleccionada este año para el Premio CWA Internacional Dagger.

Algunas reseñas de Ojos de agua se pueden encontrar en Novela negra, Viaje alrededor de una mesa, Leer y leer, Que leo hoy, Las mejores novelas,

Algunas reseñas de La playa de los ahogados se pueden encontrar en Novela negra, Un cadaver en mi blog, Leer y leer, Pateando el mundo, Euro polar, Que leo hoy, Las mejores novelas, Golem – memorias de lectura,

Y, por supuesto, merece la pena leer también la entrada de Leo Caldas – Domingo Villar en Mis detectives favorit@s.

6 thoughts on “The Crime Fiction Alphabet, ‘V’ is for Villar. Domingo Villar”

  1. José Ignacio – I think you’ve chosen an excellent author for “V.” One of the many things I like about Villar’s work is that he tells a compelling story without getting too wordy. I’m glad you chose him this week.

  2. Thanks, Maxine, I’m looking forward too. Every aficionado in Spain is wondering when it will be published, but don’t even know if it has been written.

  3. Jose Ignacio: I had not heard of Villar before reading your post. I am going to add him to the list of authors to look for when I am shopping. While I am glad the list is long it is discouraging when I balance how many I can read against how many I want to buy.

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